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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Anything I Can Do to Fix a Computer Extremely Slow?

When you purchased the computer you opted for a little more expensive computer over a cheaper one. You decided you wanted a computer with more memory and more features. Even though it's new, after a while it will begin to slow down. Files get corrupted. The computer is bombarded with virus applications on the internet. Freeware takes its toll with bundled software we download and often is accompanied with a virus or two. There are several things you can do to keep your computer running like new.

Things to Do To Improve a Computer Extremely Slow

If you have a slow computer, let's do several things to speed it back up. First we will clean and organize the hard drive. On your computer, Windows has installed two tools to accomplish this, disk cleanup and disk defragmentation. You can access both tools by clicking on start, all programs, accessories, and then system tools.

Disk Cleanup - Clicking on this tool will delete unnecessary files, and temporary files, which frees up space on the hard drive resulting in a faster computer.

Disk Defragmentation - Clicking on this utility tool reorganizes all your files on the hard drive so they are easy to find and the OS (operating system) doesn't have to waste precious time tracking them down.

A computer extremely slow may need a little more tweaking to bring it back to peak performance. Malware, adware, and spyware can sometimes infect your computer. Computers that are fairly new should also be scanned for viruses that will slow your computer.

It is very important to have the necessary security programs installed on your computer and have the programs updated. Losing your own identity online can be a nightmare. (Never give away important information like your social security number, passwords, account numbers, bank account numbers, or any private information about yourself or your family to anybody or any site on the internet that is not trusted or through any email unless you trust the source.)! Then make sure it is legitimate. There are all kinds of scam artists out there on the internet. They pull out all the stops and will spare nothing to get access to your private information even through your email. Don't fall for emails that have a punch line that really gets your attention. They make their offering sound real good. When you click on that email you may have just downloaded adware or spyware. If you don't know the source, delete it!

Infected computers do not function nearly as well as a computer free from viruses. Viruses take up space on the hard drive and corrupt files resulting in a computer extremely slow. There are different software programs that accomplish different things for the computer to keep it safe. A registry cleaner, a virus protection program, and internet security program should be installed on your computer. Keeping your registry, software programs, and device drivers updated will go a long way to keeping your computer operating at peak performance.

Summary for a Computer Extremely Slow

The computers registry may have been compromised by virus infections. The registry, being the brain of the computer, holds all the data information of each individual component on the computer. It tells the operating system where to find a program and what files to pull up. Errors in the registry affect the total performance of your computer. To keep your computer fine-tuned, install and run a registry cleaner when the computer becomes slow. Computer problems happen daily. You need to stay proactive every day. Install and run a spyware program to protect against identity theft.

A Word to the Wise

Always have a full backup of your computer and all the programs!

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