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Sunday, October 22, 2017

How To Use Your First 3D Pen

If you have just bought a 3D pen and you want to know how to use it, then you are on the right page. This new technology is amazing and can be used to draw models of almost everything under the sun. Read on to know how to use a 3D pen.

How Does a 3D pen Work?

First of all, a 3D pen is somewhat like a glue gun. The plastic filament of the pen heats up and forces the plastic to get out of the tip. And the melted plastic can be used to draw anything that you may want. As soon as the melted plastic comes out of the pen, it begins to cool down fast giving the desired shape of the object.

3D Pens and Filaments

Creating plastic models with this type of pen is an affordable hobby. You can buy a pen along with the plastic filament of different colors for not more than $100. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, we suggest that you go for the 3D Simo Mini, which is a great choice for professionals.

As far as investing in the plastic filament goes, you may want to make sure that the filament is flexible and durable. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you go for the PLA filament.

Getting started

You need to consider a couple of things prior to getting your 3D pen ready for the work. First of all, you need to set the temperature of the pen keeping in mind the plastic type. It's a good idea to go through the filament guide that came with your 3D pen.

Now, you should put the plastic into the container of the pen and then hang on until the temperature goes up. Typically, it takes around one minute. Once the pen is heated up, you can press the button to let the plastic flow out. You can then draw your desired object.

Things you can create with this pen

With these pens, you can make 3D plastic objects. Aside from this, you can use this pen for adding decorative designs to different objects, such as vases. Moreover, you can use these pens for modifying and repairing 3D printed stuff.

2D sketches and 3D drawings

The simplest way of creating 3D drawings is through 2D sketches. Then you can use the pen for extruding plastic paintings on it. Since this process is simple, we don't need to talk a lot about it. With practice, you will be able to use the pen well.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, this guide will help you get started with your first 3D pen. In the beginning, it may be hard for you to use the pen properly, which is normal. You may even get frustrated. But with the passage of time, you will be able to use the pen the right way. Once you have used your first pen well, we suggest that you check out a more professional pen. Hope you will have plenty of fun with this technology.

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