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Friday, October 6, 2017

7 Reasons Why I Blog and Why You Shouldn't

Humans are suckers for true storytelling. A blog tells a story and draws readers. Blog topics are huge, and the top 10 blogs of 2017 variety from tech and politics to celebrity gossip. Some of the names are familiar to you: Huffington Post, Engadget, Moz, Perez Hilton, and Copyblogger.

What do those websites have in commonplace? They earn $500,000 consistent with month or extra via running a blog. Some of the blog web sites inside the top 10 started out with less than $1,000. All those blogs tell, entertain, and have interaction feelings. They earn cash through advertising and from subscriptions for top rate memberships.

Why must you weblog?

Blogging takes up valuable time, so topics of your posts want to be sustainable. In different phrases, while the weblog turns to paintings, like plugging out a 1,000 word submit at three A.M., you need a actual cause to maintain going.

Content Marketing king, Joe Pulizzi, calls content material advent (aka blogging) a "battle of attrition." To win a battle of attrition, one military's "why" has to be larger than the opposite military's. If you start running a blog to carry interest in your service or product and your handiest motivator is money, the blog will not final.

Check out these terms: freedom from a corporation, to impact different human beings's lives in a major manner, and to give my youngsters the freedom to do what they need, after they need. Those are huge "whys". For your weblog to ultimate and finally turn a earnings, you ought to have a large why.

Here are the 7 reasons why I blog:

I am seeking out freedom from my modern job. Blogging lets in me to exhibit my abilities whilst retaining my current activity. I can construct an target audience and interact with them, while not having to get a commercial enterprise mortgage or lose my domestic at the same time as converting careers.
Provides a platform to market it products. I inform tales. My weblog sits proper subsequent to books I could be selling. Attracting human beings to my books is one way I monetize my web page.
Advertise services. A few buttons down from my weblog is a offerings button. Guess what my service is? I write blogs for other humans. Not each person have time to punch out 3,000 phrases according to week. I write fast and people say I inform an super story. So there.
Allows me to practice my craft. I inform testimonies. The handiest way to preserve this capacity and to get better at it is to write. Posting 2-three articles in step with week forces me to practice.
Instant feedback. If you examine my blog from its inception, you may see posts starting from fiction samples to entrepreneurship. Fiction and blogging isn't always much special. You tell a story, create interest, and maintain people studying. Some posts are better than others. How do I understand? By the number of clicks and shares; also known as instant comments.
Broaden my audience. A lot of "marketing experts" tell small business proprietors to "cross slim" with audience and customer base. I think this is terrible advice. When starting out, you are unknown, and you want to broadcast your message to anyone who will pay attention. My weblog averages 60 each day views. Not horrific for best two months of work. Could I speak to 60 prospects normal without blogging and social media? Not in all likelihood.
I enjoy writing approximately some thing. Whether it is part of one among my fiction novels, or telling a story inclusive of this publish, I truly do enjoy it. Some say my present is writing, so I discern I need to percentage with everybody.
Should you be a blogger?
If you don't like coming up with thoughts and typing them into 1,000 phrase articles, then running a blog is not for you. Don't worry, there are other alternatives together with "video blogs" or "vlogs." Try every other medium to get your message out. Another motive human beings don't weblog is worry of ridicule. The internet can be unsightly, and in case you are scared of what others suppose, don't weblog (as a minimum publicly).

Don't worry in case you aren't an awesome creator. There are lots of humans accessible that will help you kind up your thoughts right into a compelling story. Try me, I don't rate my pals (an awful lot).

Blogging takes time and is work. If you do not suppose it is sustainable, then search for different subjects or alternative platforms. If you can not get your idea from your head and may provide you with 50-seventy five titles, then move for it. Blogging takes time faraway from own family and friends, but usual, it can make you rich.

Remember: War of Attrition.

Do you've got thoughts you would love to blog about? Let's speak about them within the feedback.

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