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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Know what is behind a shortened URL without visiting it?? (See Article)

I was actually surfing the internet trying to

research on important topics i could write and share with you guys, and i stumbled on this web page (to know whats behind a shortened URLs) which i am going to share today in this article.

Some time you may have come across short
url on social media e.g some uses Google url shortener and the link may be something like this, or sometimes a friend may send it to you as a message.

In either ways, let us just say that you are not sure of that link no matter where it comes from, and you want to find out what it is even without visiting it because many people use these links to re-direct users to phishing page or even po*rn websites, which alot of individuals don't like (including me).

If you want to know what is behind that shortened link, then it will be answered right in this post here.



>> On that page, input the shortened url (it can be "tinyURL", "", "", "" or whatever link shortener).

>> Click on "GET LINK INFO"

>> After that, it will load up the original link and you will know if it was exactly what the poster said it is.

Now you have known a way of checking out
a shortened link info. 

Was it helpful, let me know via the comment box below. Do you know of any other way to check it? It will be appreciated if you drop it in the comment box.

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