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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Instagram And Facebook Are The Network Of Choice For Cyberbullies

There has been high rate of social media bullying for quite some time now. Where anonymity on social networks become a platform for free speech, it also turns into a platform for irrational behaviour and comments. From a little kid in your family to some of the biggest celebrities, absolutely anyone can be targeted. However, if researches are to be believed, one platform can actually be worse than others in terms of bullying.

According to British anti-bullying organization Ditch The Label’s new annual survey, Instagram is the network of choice for cyberbullies in 2017 with Facebook close behind. This year’s survey collected results from 10,020 people between the ages of 12 and 20, which sheds some light into the damaging phenomenon endemic to internet communities.

Out of the lot, the bunch of people who acknowledged experiencing cyberbullying, 42 percent said they were being bullied on Instagram, 37 percent report being bullied on Facebook, and some 31 percent reported bullying on Snapchat. Interestingly, from the total, 92 percent of the people said that they were using YouTube, making it the most popular platform in the survey, only about 10 percent experienced bullying on the platform.
Additionally, the survey for each individual began with them defining what they thought bullying is, and if by their own definition they bullied anyone. And of those who recognised they have bullied somebody, 11 percent said that they bullied someone daily, and 7 percent said they did several times a week. These people were also asked if based on their definition, if they were ever bullied themselves. While 12 percent (which constituted of 16 percent male, 8 percent female, 33 percent trans) said yes, 88 percent refused being bullied ever.

The report also looks at the frequency of bullying on these platforms, which shows that 54 percent of these people were bullied at some point. Essentially, according to the report, 1 in 2 have been bullied at some point, 1 in 5 have been bullied in the past year, and 1 in 10 have been bullied at least once in the past week.


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