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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to manage status bar icons on the OnePlus 5

Reading Mode

Reading mode is a bit different than the usual “Night mode” that we’ve seen in devices like the Google Pixel as well as the OnePlus 5 itself. This feature changes the display to become completely black and white, which gives the impression that you are reading on paper when using it. To toggle this feature, go into the settings menu, then select “Display” under the “Device” section.

From here you can toggle reading mode on and off, and even add specific apps that can use it automatically. In this way you’re able to use the regular screen when you want to, but switch to reading mode in apps where text is the primary media.

So how do you use Reading Mode and Night Mode on the OnePlus 5, and what do they do exactly? Stick around to find out.

Night Mode

Night mode works similarly to how it does on the Google Pixel, tinting the screen yellow and reducing blue light channels to help you fall asleep easier after using your device. You can adjust the strength of the yellow channel, and have the mode turn on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise, or use a custom time-frame that you want it to be enabled between. Google had previously reserved this features exclusively to Pixel devices, but since the OnePlus 5 is running Oxygen OS, OnePlus 5 users can benefit as well.

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