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Monday, July 24, 2017

Beginner's Guide on How to Start a Blog- A Must Read For All Newbies

How To Setup a Blog

I have come to observe that the easiest online business to start these days is blogging. One just needs to make the decision to become a blogger and the next minutes, the person is on the internet consuming everything that has blogging to its name.

With lots of free content on the internet regarding how to start a blog, some people are still not clear on what to do to become a blogger. I have been receiving lots of messages from people asking me how they can start a blog.

So, if you are among those people having the thought of starting a blog and becoming a blogger, here is what you need to know to start a blog and join the club.

Blog Platform

This is the first thing you need to know when it comes to blogging. There are two popular
blogging platforms you will need to decide on and they are WordPress and Blogger. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but I will just give you an overview about them. You can go and search more on them.

WordPress and Blogger

WordPress is beautiful blogging platform that most freelance writers and bloggers prefer to build their blog on. This is due to the fact that it has beautiful free templates, awesome plugins like Yoast SEO that helps in search engine optimization of your content.
WordPress has a free account with the attach to its domain. It is free, you don’t have to pay to have that. What you need is just an email address and you are in.

The downside is, you are limited to what you can do with a free WordPress account.
As someone who wants to get serious with blogging, I will suggest you don’t use that. You can only use it to learn how the WordPress dashboard and workings look like. If you plan to open a blog for sharing contents on business, finance, documentaries, writing biographies or generally a blog that is mostly on long contents, I would tell you to go with a self-hosted WordPress.

Blogger, on the other hand, is a blogging platform owned by Google. It also has a lot of stuff just like WordPress. There are lots of people using Blogger. You can use the free account which looks like Blogger is a good platform for entertainment, news, music, tech and lifestyle blogs.

So, you have to choose between the two platforms. If anyone would ask me, I will prefer he or she go for a self-hosted WordPress because WordPress has so many free plugins that you can play with if you are not a tech person unlike Blogger.

Domain Name and Social Media

Now, when you are done choosing your platform and you actually want to sign up and get your blog running, you have to decide on a domain name. To me, your domain name equals your brand if you choose to think in that direction.

Whatever domain name you choose to use, have it in mind that it is your brand and not just a domain name. Don’t make the mistake in choosing a silly name. Think a lot before you choose a name. The niche you intend blogging on should be a factor for choosing your domain name.

After you must have chosen your domain name, move on to social media and use that same name to create your account. Go to Facebook and create a page using that name. Do the same for Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr and the rest.

Layout and Design

After you have gotten that sorted, you can now go to the layout of your blog. Now, there are lots of places you can get templates for Blogger or WordPress. Blogger and WordPress has a lot of free templates. You can go and buy templates of your choice too from any template online store.
If you see a blog that you love the template, you can approach the blogger and ask if it is a WordPress or Blogger template, if it is one of your chosen platforms, you can ask for the name so you can go buy it yourself from the online store.
Also, If you love the current design of our blog (, we can set up same design for your blog, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please, when choosing a template, go for a mobile and desktop responsive template. For
beginners, this means a template that is good for both desktop and mobile view. There are some templates that are good for desktops only and while some are only good for mobile views. Go for a responsive template I beg you.

You can always get anyone to design your template to meet your taste or you can do it yourself. Just keep your layout clean and simple.

Content and Photos

Obviously, you can’t just open a blog and leave it empty. You have to put up contents so you can share them. This is the main purpose of blogging. So, you have to put up interesting contents that command your target reader’s attention.

You have to know what your target audience will like to read, what are they looking for in your market and how you can help them solve problems with your contents. Content is still king.

Publish fresh content either daily, or once or twice a week as it may suit you and always share using the social media sharing buttons you must have activated on your blog.

For photos, always include photos into your post. It beautifies your post and makes it attractive whenever you link it on social media platforms. You can get free photos from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and many other free photo sites.

I hope this post has helped clear your thought about starting a blog? Please let me know your thought via the comment box.

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